Award Letters & Shopping Sheets

Student Aid Services helps institutions effectively communicate targeted value propositions and personal affordability messages to prospective students at this critical juncture in the enrollment process. 

Our aid award letters depart dramatically from the traditional “form letter” format used by most institutions. A full-color, targeted and informational booklet allows you to identify with the student, present the Award in an easy-to-understand manner and complement the financials with the demonstration and communication of value and return on investment. We can also use this same technology to adhere to the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet Guidelines recommended by the U.S. Department of Education.

Each brochure is:

  • Fully personalized
  • Dynamically generated
  • Of high quality
  • Printed in full-color
  • Cost effective
  • Impactful

Unique institutional features and benefits, such as academic major, sports, campus housing, honors programs, and other student-specific interests are combined with your institution’s data to create communications that are highly targeted to each individual student’s interests and needs.

Clients using our custom aid Award Letters and Financial Aid Shopping Sheets experience an average yield lift of 20 percent. Contact us for more information.